Sheets of tea  is the first  Italian magazine dedicated to tea  and Camellia sinensis and was born from the idea of ​​some passionate ”  tea lovers  ” who have decided to join forces to put information, news and knowledge on paper that can help  grow the Italian community  .

Tea Leaves  is supported by the  voluntary work  of its editorial team and   is based on some important points:

    • Support the community  of Italian ”  tea lovers  “;
    • Consolidate  international relations  , involving authors and experts    from other countries in order to make their knowledge accessible also in Italy;
    • Offer a  historical  and  cultural view  that can be a subject of study for the most demanding readers;
    • Analyze the technical aspects of  Camellia sinensis  , its  botany  , as well as the  chemistry  and  pharmacology  of the resulting drink, with the help of experts in the field. The scientific reading that reports the effects of tea on human health is growing and we want to objectively report the most significant and updated data;
    • Offer ideas and  techniques of infusion  accompanied by qualified brewers, who will teach us to extract the best from each tea, without forgetting that our perceptions remain subjective. In fact, we believe that the preparation of tea is a magical and alchemical ritual. It is important to study your tea and experiment for yourself with grams, temperatures and brewing times;
    • Leave room for  stories  and  experiences  to share passions,  projects  and  travels  ;
    • Offer useful information also to  beginners  and to those who do not know “our world” but are fascinated by it: to those who are bored with the sachet and to those whose coffee has been taken away by the doctor…;
  • Involve the tea community through  competitions  and  events  .
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